Memory Leak


Memory leaks. A memory leak takes place when memory is allocated but never deallocated. A major computer manufacturer had a subtle memory leak in one of the window types for their window system. One group of users would run large test programs over night and then expect to scroll back through the windows buffer. The buffer was not infinite and only buffered a certain number of lines. The software displaying this scrolling buffer had a memory leak. It would recover most, but not all of the memory allocated as the window scrolled. As the test ran over night, the window software used up more and more memory, until the entire virtual memory was consumed. The window would then crash, destroying the test run information the user wanted. Tools like purify where not available at the time and this bug tool a huge amount of effort to track down and fix.


I am starting blogging because with me

Sometime happens that i am doing something, which i want tell or share with others

Sometime happens i hover over some piece of information or knowledge, which i like and don’t want to let it disappear with the sand of time.

Sometime happens that i want to know myself, want to see where my time got dissolved, what i used to think, what i used to believe

Sometime i want to scream, but does not want anyone close to hear it

Sometimes i want to talk about things which i cannot even whisper around

Sometimes i  just want to write, just like now… 🙂